Let’s Meet: Unveiling Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are essential spaces for any business, whether you need to host clients, collaborate with your team, or conduct training sessions. However, finding the right meeting room for your needs can be challenging, especially if you have limited space, budget, or time.

That’s why NMP Innovation offers a range of meeting room solutions to suit any purpose, size, and location. We will work with you to design the room or simple just help with the equipment. We supply and help with many vendors so we will find a solution for you that works with the solutions you have in place.

Work from Home

As more employees work from home or split their time between home and office, effective communication becomes crucial. Communication is essential for teamwork, efficiency and creativity, as it makes employees feel involved and motivated with their work and their peers.

Working from home has many advantages, such as convenience, independence and comfort. But to work remotely well, employees need the right equipment to communicate with their team and manager, which usually includes a hands-free speakerphone or a desktop business phone and a high-quality camera. This hardware should be easy to set up and simple for IT teams to manage and monitor from anywhere.

Therefore, choosing the right devices is key to ensure high employee performance, satisfaction and well-being in the hybrid workplace.

Huddle/Focus Room Solutions

As more employees work remotely or switch between home and office, the hybrid workplace is now the norm. Huddle rooms are small, versatile and affordable spaces that have unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These platforms allow video conferencing, screen sharing and content creation, enabling both on-site and off-site participants to collaborate and work effectively.

Huddle rooms offer many benefits for both organisations and employees. They can boost productivity and creativity, enhance communication and engagement, lower employee travel expenses, reduce environmental impact and maximise the use of space.

Medium Meeting Rooms

Medium-sized rooms require high-quality audio and advanced meeting facilitation for effective video collaboration. These rooms should have a wide-angle camera, a strong speakerphone and content sharing features for optimal productivity.

As technology becomes more affordable, equipment such as dedicated processing units, touch controllers, microphone extensions and cameras enhance collaboration in the hybrid era. These devices deliver excellent sound and video quality, and can also have AI-powered features like auto-framing. They also provide easy and intuitive operation, as well as meeting management tools like scheduling, recording, and annotation.

Large Meeting Rooms

For large meeting rooms in the hybrid workplace, video collaboration solutions need to work well with platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Two important factors to consider are audio quality and ease of use.

A good solution should have a speakerphone that produces clear sound throughout a large space and a microphone array that picks up voices from different places and distances in the room, as well as a smart camera that automatically tracks the active speaker. It should also have a user-friendly interface that lets you start, join and manage the meeting with a single touch.

Meeting Room